Tuesday, 21 January 2014

2014 or making a start

Hi my name is Emily and I am so glad that you have found my little blog. I should really introduce myself: I am a stay at home mum of two kids: a daughter Loofie aged 6 and a son Mishka aged 12. Since both my kids are in school I have some extra time to explore my favourite hobby: SewIng!
At the beginning of each year I start thinking about possible projects for the new year and I thought that this might be a good place to start this blog.

To begin with there are things that I really should be making, like T-shirts and leggings for Miss Loofie and T-shirts and hoodies for Master Mishka; these are boring to make and tend to go right to the bottom of the sewing list. However the basics are normally the thing kids need most and with a bit of machine embroidery or some funky heat transfers cut on my Silhouette Cameo even the most every day item can be made magical.
Loofie and Mishka
There are the projects that I enjoy making like Farbenmix outfits and Ottobre pretties- the more embroidery and ribbon the better.I have a passion for colour, I feel very strongly that young children need to be surrounded with a rainbow of wonderful colour and colourful clothes are a perfect way to achieve this. In the end; I love these patterns, I love making them and Miss Loofie loves the clothes so it is no surprise that I push these to the top of the sewing list.
Feliz dress and Imke top
Ottobre Dress
Feliz Dress and Imke Top
My true obsession is costumes! Oh how I love to make and design costumes for my kids; my sister says that I would send my kids to school in a costume every day if it was allowed. Down here in Australia we have a book week parade once a year and the kids dress up as a character from a book
A Hobbit
Then in true Monty Python style I say "and now for something completely different"
(Did I mention that I am a huge Monty Python fan?)
And now for something completely different
Ok, so maybe not completely different but it is new ground for me.
In the past year I have taken an interest in historical costume and this year I am planning on making my first semi historically accurate dress. The outfit will be for Miss Loofie (or Princess Bess as she likes to be called)
Elizabeth I as a Princess- Royal Colection
This is a huge project and a bit of a challenge for me. I normally try to finish a project before I start a new one, this reduces the number of UFOs I have hanging around. This costume will likely be an ongoing project that I work on slowly over the year.
In reality this is a number of smaller projects, since there are many layers to a Tudor outfit and I hope to document my progress on this blog.
Lastly there is this humble little blog, for the past three years I have said "I want to start a blog" and it has some how never happened; hopefully this is the year it will happen.

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