Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Thrift Shop Surprise

There is something akin to archaeology in "Op-shopping" you never know what treasures you might uncover.  I have op shopped on and off since I was a teenager.   I was especially addicted as a late teen due to my absolute love of "vintage" clothing; I only wish I had some photos of my crazy outfits: platform shoes, flares, wide lapels and "cat" rimmed glasses! I was hip and knew it - ah the folly of youth.

But enough of this nostalgic rubbish; the clothes gradually fell apart, the styles changed and alas so did my waistline; what remained was the love of hunting for treasures in op-shops.
Over the last few years I have found a number of wonderful things, useful things and beautiful things. Some of my favourite finds have been sewing related: bags of vintage buttons
Lovely Buttons!

A large tub of zips


Vintage sewing patterns amongst other things . I love the fact that these sewing related items can be used and turned into a new (and often much loved) item.

Cute patterns
Now we come to the pleasant surprise; I decided on the spur of the moment to go and have a look at two op-shops I have not been to for quite some time. In the first store I found a rectangle embroidery frame for $3.00; I was considering buying one of these to help decorate the Princess Elizabeth dress I am making this year. In the second store I found some very lovely buttons; I love cute buttons and have a good sized stash that I jealously guard.
Embroidery frame

If you have followed this ramble up to this point you might be asking where is the surprise?
The surprise came in the form of a wonderful woman who didn't just make my day, but my whole week! I was at the counter hunting through the costume jewellery for any that could be used in the Princess Elizabeth dress when I over heard a conversation between the women behind the counter and a customer. The gist of the conversation was that she had a few boxes of sewing stuff and really wanted to give it to someone who would actually have a use for it. Well as you may guess I spoke up and we arranged a time for me to come and collect the boxes.

Later that day a friend and I went and collected the boxes; what a surprise!

Vintage sewing goodies!
Various sewing supplies
The magazine you can see here is from October 1935!
More magazines, I think these are from the 1950s
Wooden spools of thread
I am in love with vintage sewing supplies so this and I will try to find a good use for everything here.

To the lovely woman who gave me these treasures thank you!

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