Monday, 31 March 2014

Farbenmix Fun!

I have mentioned Farbenmix in previous posts and I suppose it may need some explanation.  I first encountered Farbenmix after buying “Sewing Clothes Kids Love” by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn; little did I know the effect this pretty book would have on my sewing.  Farbenmix is a German company that publishes the most amazing sewing patterns, makes beautiful fabric and gorgeous ribbon; I have been in love with their work since buying this book. 
My copy of this book has been well loved!
I though it would be fun, not only to show my approach to a Farbenmix patterns, but also challenge myself by making not two very different dresses from the same pattern, the pattern in question being the Feliz Party dress.  I have loved the Farbenmix style ever since I first saw it; the ruffles, the colour, all the surface decoration and ribbons!  However I can understand that this style doesn’t appeal to everyone so I will be making one dress in my typical over the top style and one in an understated style (or at least what I call understated.) 
Feliz Party Dress

I have made this dress about seven or eight times now and it is one of Miss Loofie’s favorite dresses ever!  It is such a girly girly dress and it has the “twirl factor” that every girly girl loves.  
The “Seraphina”: This will be the over-the-top dress complete with rainbows, ribbons, ruffles and unicorns!  
The “So Sweet Strawberry”: This will be the toned down version, A pretty pink dress just right for a day at the country fair (with strawberries and cream for tea)
I really hope  that I can show that one pattern can produce very different outcomes.  

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