Saturday, 29 March 2014


Isn't it funny how sometimes life seems to speed up and every spare second seems to be sucked up with extra "stuff" that just has to be done? Or perhaps sucked into the black hole of procrastination?

Having both my kids in school I find that my days flash by and it is very easy to waste too much time looking at Pintrest, watching You Tube or reading rubbish online and then wondering where my day has gone.  I  also like planning things, be it sewing projects, blog posts or even starting a business but only a small number of these plans ever happen.  I am reminded that of the quote attributed to John Lennon  
"Life is what Happens when you busy making other plans"  

This is a good quote to remind myself,  not only enjoy the little moments when life gets in the way of my plans,  but to keep the plans and just set (or reset) the time line for the plan in question; rather than letting the interruptions derail things completely. 

I have been working on the Farbenmix dresses and the posts to go along with them.  The dresses (yes two of them) are done and with any luck I will be able to photograph them tomorrow because I am super excited to share the end results with all of you.
 I will leave you with another picture of Miss Loofie, she is pictured here wearing Farbenmix Roberta trousers and Farbenmix Imke T-shirt

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